Post Childbirth Workouts You Can Do At Home!


Source: Thinkstock/ IuriiSokolov

Once you’ve had your baby and you’ve had a few weeks at home together, it’s normal to get antsy. Sometimes, you just need to burn some energy and focus on yourself, but how do you do that with a new born at home? Well there’s a way that you can spend some time focusing on you and get back into shape, without having to even leave the house! We all know that a new baby is expensive so there’s no need to join up to a gym to get through this workout, and the best part? Baby can be enjoying it right there with you!

There are so many benefits to exercising after the birth of your child, not just weight loss. You can lower your risk of developing postpartum depression, you will sleep better, lower risk of diabetes, and increase your energy all with a simple, not too strenuous home workout. The thing to remember is that your body has gone through a lot physically, so the best way to get back into your exercise routine is to take it gradually. You are best to start with a moderate intensity and work your way up to your usual fitness level. If you’re itching to get back into exercise immediately after the birth, doctors suggest stretching and pelvic floor exercises to get you back into the swing of things!

So, to get started, grab a supportive, soft structured baby carrier – while your intensity level is moderate to low, this is perfectly acceptable to use. If you want to add that extra element to your workout, grab a resistance band. But remember it’s not necessary! Be sure that you are following the manufacturer’s instructions for the baby carrier, you don’t want them to be uncomfortable!

Wear some light workout clothes, and remember to never hold anything above your baby’s head! Any positions where the baby is dangling between your body and the floor are a no-go so just remember to use your common sense, if you’re worried about your baby’s welfare, don’t do the move!

With your baby strapped to your back or your front, do 5 rounds of this sequence:

20 squats

15 pulse lunges on each leg

10 tricep dips on a chair

1 minute of incline plank

When you get more comfortable working out, you can try sit your baby on your hips and do some hip thrusts too! If you are still feeling good after these strength exercises, why not try a simple round of cardio? Your baby should not be strapped to you for this, so place them in their pram or chair and you can keep them entertained while running on the spot or doing high knee, jumping jacks or mountain climbers! These are simple cardio moves and if you do 2 or 3 minutes with a 30 second break in between each, you’ll be surprised how quickly you find your fitness levels rise!

We hope these exercise tips help you out until you’re ready to get out of the house!

Sourced from: by Natasha Freutel