Is Your Workout Just Too Easy?


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Sometimes we get stuck in a rut when it comes to our workouts. This can happen when we don’t push ourselves enough and stop seeing improvements in our stamina or our weight etc. When this happens we need to review our workout – whether this is done by yourself or with a trainer is up to you. But how do you know that your workouts aren’t effective? Here are a few signs that if you’ve noticed, you should probably change things up!

1. You Never Feel Sore

While no one would recommend to feel pain after every workout, if it’s been a few months since you felt sore after a workout, you’re not doing enough. The soreness you feel in your muscles is due to small micro tears caused during your workout. When these heal, you build lean muscle mass. This is a good thing and should be happening more than once in a blue moon!

2. Your Heart Rate Isn’t Going Anywhere

These days you hear all of these trainers and bodybuilders saying building muscle is the most effective part of your workout. This in a sense is true; without muscle mass, we lose strength, gain fat and altogether make cardiovascular exercise pretty much pointless. However, it is suggested that you raise your heart rate at least 3 times a week. Not only does it prevent cardiovascular diseases, but it burns fat. For any of those muscles you’ve built to make an appearance, you need to lose fat!

3. You’re Able To Keep A Conversation Going

If you’re not heavy breathing and (as said above) your heart rate isn’t up you’re not working hard enough! If you can hold a conversation while you’re working out, you may as well be sitting in a cafe with a friend! You need to start moving until you can’t strike up a conversation with the treadmill next to you!

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4. You’re Not Tired

If you haven’t broken a sweat during your workout, you need to review! If your body is so used to a workout that it doesn’t have any effect on it anymore, it’s time to change. Add 5 minutes onto that cardio, or add 10 lbs onto that strength training, if you want to see continued results, you have to keep pushing yourself to the point that you are sweating, and you do feel tired after!

5. You Stop Seeing Progress

While you can’t expect to see a difference after every workout, every few weeks should see an improvement in your stamina, your strength, and your fat levels. It’s normal to hit a plateau where you don’t see a difference for a period of a couple weeks, but it shouldn’t be for long periods of time. If you think there hasn’t been an improvement in awhile, you’ve got to up your game!

The best way to improve your workout is to talk to a trainer. Most gyms have plenty of trainers so you can choose who you feel comfortable with. They can help you find a new workout regime that helps you through your rut and pushes you to the next level!