10 Great Ways To Get A Toned And Tight Butt

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Everybody wants one, and not many of us know how to get one. We’re talking about butts—the type of butts that look great in yoga pants and make us feel great every time we turn to have a look at our derrière in the mirror. It is true that genetics do play a role in what your butt will look like, but that isn’t the whole equation. Cutting down on sugar and fat in your diet will help you achieve a leaner look, but to get that tight and toned appearance you’ll need to physically work for it. That means getting active and taking part in exercises that are tailored to helping your butt look just like you’ve always wanted.

Why Exercise?

Exercise encourages weight loss by helping you burn calories. When you exercise a specific area of your body, you are able to target specific muscle groups by repeatedly flexing and contracting. This causes those muscles to become stronger and causes the muscle tissue to burn away any surrounding fat. The result is a leaner, more toned appearance that is free of flab. When it comes to your butt, the right workout could leave you looking and feeling toned and tight. Push-ups and jumping jacks are staples when it comes to physical fitness, but they aren’t going to do too much for your butt.

If a tight and toned bottom is what you are after, then click next to give your workout a makeover and incorporate some of the following moves into your daily routine.

#1: Clam Dig with Rotation

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This exercise uses outward hip rotation to help build the glute muscles. To do this, start on your right side with your head in your right palm, elbow bent. Bend each of your knees about 45 degrees. Then, lift your left knee and left forearm up to the ceiling. Make sure to keep your hips in line and don’t let your elbow leave your side. Repeat the activity and then switch sides.

#2: Prone Leg Raise

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To do this activity you’ll want to start by laying on your stomach, feet stretched behind you and legs about hip-distance apart. Cross your arms to support your head. Then, using your core strength, lift your legs off the floor behind you as far as they can go. Try to raise your feet at least a foot off the ground and then hold them in the air. Slowly return to starting position and then repeat.

#3: Sprinter Kickback

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Running is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise, and this activity helps with your glutes because of the way it mimics running form. Using a resistance band or cable machine, strap the band around one ankle and hold your feet hip distance apart. Then, bend your knees and slowly raise your strapped-ankle off the ground, bringing your knee to almost 90 degrees. Then push your leg back, straightening your knee. Return to the starting position and repeat, eventually switching legs.

#4: Step-Up

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You’ll need a prop that you can step on to complete this activity. An aerobics step-platform will work, as will your stairs or even a park bench. To do this activity you are going to stand with your feet together and then step up, one leg at a time, before returning to your starting position. You’ll want to maximize repetitions on this activity. To increase the difficulty level you can hold onto weights as you step.

#5: Glute Bridge

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This move is an adapted yoga pose. Lay on your back with your feet hip-width apart and your knees bent. Use your core strength to push your butt and abdomen as far in the air as possible then return to the starting position and repeat.