Get Abs Without A Single Crunch!


The saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is true, but you can also do certain exercises to maximize your abs and make them tight and visible. However, the stereotypical crunches are the least effective way of making your abs shine. Follow these simple tips to get dream abs without a single crunch!


simple plank

The plank and its many variations are ideal for sculpting your abs. The most basic method is to get in a starting pushup position and hold at the peak with your arms and back straight.  Keep your core tight and try to breathe deeply in a controlled manner to ensure that your abs contract. Try to hold this position for as long as you can, although after five minutes, you are better off moving to other positions.

The second plank position involves resting on your forearms with your back straight. If you can hold this position for more than a minute, then you can add slow leg raises to really target your core! Simply lift one leg up slowly and methodically, and make sure to keep it straight while doing so. Alternate between legs for as long as you can, and in time, you will notice your stomach slimming down to reveal your abs!

Advanced Planks

Plank variation

Once you’ve mastered the above exercises, you can add even more variations to your plank that are guaranteed to tightly sculpt your abs! To reduce love-handles and tighten your sides, bring one of your knees towards your elbow. If you are on your forearms during the plank, then make sure that your leg goes around your body and not underneath.

You can “walk” your plank by starting in the standard position, and then moving to the forearm position one arm at a time before returning to the starting position. Complete this cycle at least five times to strengthen your core and keep your heart-rate up!

The final plank variation is also the most challenging. The side plank requires you to rest on one forearm and one foot, and with your body straight and your other arm resting on your hip, curving upwards to specifically target your obliques. This move requires both balance and strong hip strength, and it is best done only when you are ready to ensure proper form.

A Proper Diet

healthy food

You can get visible abs without ever doing a crunch by sticking to a healthy diet. A low-carb diet will help to keep your midsection trim while letting your abs shine. By combining a healthy diet with the above plank variations, your core and midsection will become strong and tight, and this will provide you with the six-pack abs you’ve always wanted!