15 Ways to Get Motivated on Days You Just Don’t Want to Exercise

7. Listen to Some Upbeat Music

9 Listen to music

Music can have an enormous impact on your mood and energy level, so you may want to do a quick Google search for upbeat, energetic workout tunes, and crank up the music. Pulsing rock beats and words that lift your emotions can help fill you with energy and make you feel joyous. It is almost impossible to sit still while listening to certain songs like Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen.

6. Pay a Fee…Even If You Are on a Tight Budget

10 Sign up for something

If you are one of those people who are motivated by cold, hard cash, you may want to plunk down some money on a gym membership or pre-pay for your exercise classes. When the money is already paid, you may feel more obligated to attend class or hit the gym after work each day. If you are on a tight budget, squeeze the money out somehow because you will be even more motivated not to waste your dollars by laying around at home.

5. Work Out at Home

11 Work out at home

While extroverts energize themselves by being around people, introverts prefer to have some time alone; so a trip to the gym or an exercise class may be even harder for an introvert to enjoy. That’s okay! Introverts may prefer to do their workouts at home alone in the basement. Sometimes, both introverts and extroverts just don’t feel like going out, so when you need solitude, find a great workout on YouTube or on a DVD.

4. Put on Some Music and Dance

12 Put on some music and dance

Dancing is a great form of exercise, and you can burn hundreds of calories each hour by dancing. If you love to move your body to an upbeat tune, turn up the sound system, and get your groove on. Whether you prefer ball-room dancing or 1980s style break dancing, any type of dancing will increase your flexibility, stamina, and fitness level.

3. Use Self-Talk to Force Yourself to Get Started

13 Think Positive

Sometimes you just have to talk yourself into exercising. You may need to ramp up the logic and remember all of the benefits of doing an exercise routine, even when you don’t necessarily feel like it. Remind yourself of the health benefits of exercise, take a look in the mirror at your trouble spots, or step on the scale to bring focus to your mind about why you need to force yourself to do this every single day.

2. Take the Dog For a Walk

14 Take the dog for a walk

Having an energetic dog is a great motivator for those who struggle with finding exercise motivation. The dog will develop destructive and annoying habits if he doesn’t have the chance to burn some energy, so hook up his leash and take him for a walk. While you are out, stop by the dog park and toss a frisbee with him for a few minutes. By the time you are back at home, you will probably feel energized and refreshed.

1. Keep Up With Your Exercise Time Each Week

15 Exercise time

Keep a running tabulation of how many miles you ran each week or how many minutes you exercised each day. Try to amass at least 200 minutes of exercise time every single week. This equates to a little less than 30 minutes per day, which is a very reasonable and reachable goal for most people. You may want to keep track of your time and miles on social media to tell the world that you have reached your fitness goal for the week.