15 Ways to Get Motivated on Days You Just Don’t Want to Exercise

Intro Image - exercises for days you don't feel like exercising

Everyone has days when they’d rather just sit on the couch and do nothing. Yet, the key to reaching your fitness goals is consistency. So what do you do if you have a day, or two, or three when you just can’t get motivated to exercise? Here are 15 tips to increase your motivation on days when you feel like a slug.

15. Set a Timer For 15 Minutes

1 Timer

If you really don’t want to get started, force yourself to at least exercise for 15 minutes, and then give yourself permission to quit with no guilt. However, something pretty cool usually happens. Most of the time, after you’ve worked out for 15 minutes, you will end up finishing your routine anyway because you’ll already be feeling the endorphins that exercise creates.

14. Give Yourself Permission to Take It Easy

2 Permission to relax

Some days, you may have a good reason for not feeling up to exercise. If you had a rough night sleeping or you are coming down with a cold, contemplating an intense form of exercise may be overwhelming. In this case, do a gentler form of exercise like yoga or Pilates to keep you on the right track toward health, even if you aren’t feeling your best.

13. Call a Friend

3 Call a friend

Almost everything is going to be more fun with a friend. On days when you just can’t face going to the gym alone, call a few friends, and see if they will be up to going with you. Even going for a 3 mile walk or run will be more interesting if you can find a pal with whom you can talk away the miles.

12. Do Some Yoga During a TV Show

4 Yoga during TV

Perhaps it is too late and you are already sitting in front of the television watching a movie or TV show. That’s okay! Get off of your butt, get out the yoga mat, and start doing some yoga poses. The time will pass quickly, and you will finish your show feeling strong, flexible, and energetic.

11. Tackle Some Chores

5 Do chores

If exercising just doesn’t interest you today, maybe you should tackle some heavy, difficult chores around the house. Things like scrubbing out cabinets, rearranging furniture, or gardening can be just as intense as a moderate workout. Remember how sore you were last time you stripped and sealed your tile grout, and do some long-needed chores in and around your home.

10. Try Something New

6 Something new

Boredom can often make exercise seem dull and tedious, so if you really don’t feel like exercising, maybe you should try something new. If you usually do Zumba, try a spinning class, or you can trade running for riding a bike. Think outside the box, and get creative with your fitness goals. There are hundreds of workout varieties, so don’t limit yourself to the same tired routine.

9. Post About It On Social Media

7 Post on social media

If you just can’t get started, get on Facebook and share with all of your Facebook friends that you need some motivation. Posts like, “Give me ten good reasons that I should get my buns off of this couch and start exercising,” are sure to draw out your friends’ comments. They know you best, and they will know exactly what you will need to hear to get moving.

8. Get Dressed in Your Workout Clothes, and Go For a Walk

8 Walk in workout clothes

You may not feel like hitting the gym or going to your fitness class, but going for a long walk is a gentle, easy way to burn some calories on a low energy day. The Vitamin D exposure will lift your mood and energize you. Who knows? You may feel like working out more intensely once you get home since you will already be dressed for exercise.