15 Ways to Get Fit With Your Sweetheart!


It’s a breezy summer morning, and you’re luxuriating in bed with nothing ahead of you but sleeping late and relaxing all weekend with your sweetie. Maybe you’ll catch a movie, order a pizza, or go to the beach and sit on the sand.

Before you decide to take another weekend to relax, try to imagine the excitement of crossing the finish line of a marathon with your significant other. Think about looking across a mountain range from the perch of a high-altitude hiking trail. Marvel at the gorgeous view you’d have if you rode your bikes down to the seashore.

Don’t just sit around this weekend. Get out and about with your sweetheart, and try one of the following fantastic activities for couples.

1. Train for a Race


Whether your race requires running shoes, bicycle wheels, or the water, you’ve got all sorts of opportunities to train and compete with your significant other.

Perhaps you already love running and would love to introduce your boyfriend to the joy of jogging along the beach at twilight. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a triathlon but haven’t worked up the courage to enter a race.

The only thing better than crossing the finish line of a race is experiencing it for the first time with someone you love.

2. Join a Gym


Ever join a gym in January and swear you’ll get fit for the New Year? How long does that usually last? A few weeks? A few days? Join a gym with your boyfriend or girlfriend and watch your dedication to getting fit last much longer than a few hours on the elliptical.
If you’re married, you can even see about a family discount on the membership cost. And the bonus to your hard earned sweat? Guaranteed eye-candy at the gym and a partner who will support you whenever you need some encouragement and inspiration.

3. Take up Tennis


Tennis offers a terrific opportunity to get fit as a couple because it’s an activity that requires at least two people to play. Tennis builds endurance and coordination, as well as offers an easy way to have fun with your sweetheart.

Even if you’re not a tennis pro, playing a few rounds will get your heart pumping. According to the Mayo Clinic, an hour of tennis burns 584 calories if you’re 160 pounds and an impressive 728 calories if you’re 200 pounds. If you’re both newbies to the tennis court, you might even score a discount on tennis lessons if you sign up as a couple.

4. Try Bodyweight Exercises


Many sports require minimal investment, but if you’re looking at a particularly thin budget, bodyweight exercises are the perfect free workout. You can get incredibly creative with your significant other by using one another’s bodyweight to perform workouts inspired by things like yoga moves and traditional weight lifting.
One awesome bodyweight exercise requires that one partner perform a wall sit (sometimes called a “Roman Chair”) while the other partner performs backward pushups while supporting himself with his hands on his partner’s legs. It’s tough for both participants!

5. Learn to Dance


Dance offers the perfect balance of fitness and fun for couples. Instead of munching on a buttery tub of popcorn at a movie this Friday night, see if your locale offers dance classes. Perhaps a feisty salsa class or a raucous ballroom dancing lesson with an instructor who has a strong affinity for disco music.

Sure, you can take a dance class alone and be the star of the show, but hitting the dance floor with your sweetie pie is a guaranteed evening of laughter, love, and fitness. A study presented in the New England Journal of Medicine even suggested that dancing was one of the best ways to improve cognitive function (brainpower), as well as reduce the risk of physical injuries.

6. Go on a Walk

6. Go on a Walk