15 Interesting Podcasts That Will Keep You Focused While Working Out

Sometimes working out can be quite a drag: those slow and tedious routines, spending over half an hour on the treadmill, and even lifting weights. Most workouts require a lot of rest and deliberate, controlled movements, and if you’re not motivated enough or bored easily, they will all feel more torturous and less than effective. But we have a solution to those workouts: captivating podcasts that will help you forget about the time.

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We all need something to keep our attention off the clock and help us go through our daily routines at the gym with much more ease. Sure, music is always an ideal option, but what if you’re fresh out of brand new music and need something new and exciting? This is where podcasts come in. Below is a list of 15 interesting and dynamic podcasts that will keep you focused while you are trying to work out productively.