15 Exercises For the Perfect Beach Body

8. Exercise Ball Crunches

Upper Body Workout

Performing crunches using the exercise ball is ideal because it’s not a stable surface. This means you have to recruit all the muscles in your core which work to stabilize yourself. This gives you a truly complete core workout. Lay with the middle of your back on the exercise ball, with arms out to the side and hands behind your head. Now do an ab crunch just as if you were on the floor. This will give you that six pack you’ve always wanted.

9. Incline Dumbbell Chest Fly

Upper Body Workout

The incline dumbbell chest fly works the pecs as well as the anterior delts and triceps. To perform this exercise, raise your bench to a forty-five to sixty degree angle. With a dumbbell in each hand, lift the weights so that they are positioned directly in front of you. Your arms should be aligned with your shoulders. Move your arms to an open position, making sure to use your chest muscles to execute the movement. To avoid injury, do not let your arms move down past your sides as this could cause muscle tears.

10. Lateral Raise

Upper Body Workout

This exercise focuses on the middle deltoid muscles in your shoulders and is great for achieving size and the round shape of the shoulder muscles. To begin, hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Moving slowly, move the extended arm upward along the side of the body. Keeping the elbows bent slightly keep raising your arms to the point where they are in line with or just below your shoulders, then lower back down.

11. Bent Over Row

Upper Body WorkoutSource: Shutterstock/ Philip Date

To do the bent over row, in a standing position bend at the waist with slightly bent knees. Grip the barbell with arms shoulder width apart. Use an overhand grip. You want to focus on using the muscles in the middle of your back while you slowly pull the weight upward toward your chest. Next, lower the weight until it nearly touches the floor. That is one rep. Note: it is best to perform this exercise with your head bent slightly upward to keep your back aligned and help you to maintain the proper form. This exercise done properly will give your back a wider, broader appearance.

12. Overhead Extension

Upper Body Workout

The muscles that contribute most to the overall size of your arms are your triceps. The overhead extension helps you target those muscles. Holding one weight with both hands, raise it above your head. Slowly bend your elbows until the weight is to the middle of your back, or as far down as you can comfortably lower it. Then raise the weight back into the starting position over your head. This is one rep.

13. Chair Dips

Upper Body Workout

This is another exercise to really max out your triceps toward the end of your workout. Get a chair, or use the bench. Put your hands on the edge with your back to the chair. Slowly bend your elbows, lowering your body until your shoulders are lined up with the bench or chair seat. Push yourself back up by straightening your arms. Chair dips target your triceps, anterior delts and pectoral muscles as well.

14. Back Exercises

Upper Body Workout

It’s important to balance out all that chest work with some back exercises. The best back workout will include any variation of the row. Rows can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, a T-bar or in a bent position using cables. Changing up your grip can also work out the different areas of the back, including a narrow grip, a wide grip and a reverse grip. This includes the biceps in your back workout. Other moves that target the back are pull-ups, using the wide, close and reverse grips and cable pull downs.

15. Cardio

Upper Body Workout

In addition to any workout, you should never neglect your cardio sessions. This helps burn off body fat which in turn helps to define the muscles you worked so hard to build up. Perform cardio exercises on the days you do not lift weights, or three to four sessions per week. Performing one or two short duration, high intensity sessions along with one or two longer, more moderate intensity sessions you will gain all the metabolic benefits that cardio training is known for.