Your Guide To Kardashian Kristmas Kards Through The Years

We live in a krazy Kardashian obsessed world, so to sate your appetite, we’ve put together a few of our favorite Kardashian Christmas cards to get you in the holiday spirit. Sadly, the family “just couldn’t get it together” this year, so we will be going without an annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas photo for 2014. HOW TRAGIC. Luckily, we’ve got many a great K-J photos to look back on and reminisce of the good ol’ days, before Kim was Kimye and when there was a random blonde girl in the family photos (who turns out to be Bruce Jenner’s daughter from his first marriage – how have we never heard about her?!).

So sit back, scroll down, and enjoy the Krazy, Kute Kardashian Klan Kristmas Kards.

Aww how sweet and innocent they once were!

Mafia lyfe…

Kardashian motorcycle gang:

Teenage Mutant Santa Claus:

White (turtleneck) Christmas:

Enter Kendall & Kylie:

Handyman forgot to take his ladder:

Christmas/Wedding combo:

The whole fam looking happy and excited for Christmas.

Mason absolutely killing it:






Another White Christmas:



And finally, last years very strange David LaChapelle Christmas shoot:


Source: Perez Hilton