What Happened After This YouTuber Gave $100 To A Homeless Man Will Warm Your Heart



Here is a little video to warm your heart for the holidays. Josh Paler Lin is a YouTube star who has over 700,000 subscribers. He conducts social experiments and this time the experiment was to test the theory that all homeless people spend any money given to them on alcohol. He gave $100 to a man asking for change on the street and followed him with a hidden camera to see where the money ended up.

After thanking Lin multiple times and tearing-up, he journeyed to a corner store and emerged with a couple bags. He then headed to a park nearby. What he did next was heartwarming.

He began handing out food to other homeless people in the park; a couple, a family with kids. There was no alcohol in the bag.  Lin can be heard on camera, shocked. He approaches the man, named Thomas, again, tells him about the camera and asks him his story. Thomas didn’t know anyone in the park but just wanted to help. Lin felt awful and offered him more money.  He then learned Thomas had quit his job to take care of his sick parents and lost his family home once they passed away. He has been out on the streets for four months.

The video has over 12 million views and in addition to the extra $100, Lin set up an IndieGoGo page to help Thomas out. So far donations amount to over $63,000.

Lin spoke on the Today show about his experience. “People think I changed his life. For me, it’s completely the opposite. I feel that he changed my life.”