Watch Out Barbie! Realistic “Lammily” Doll Hits Shelves for Xmas

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Sorry Barbie, there’s a new girl in town. She’s an “average” doll, ready to challenge the toy industry. Lammily is like every normal girl, a realistic representation of humans. She has actual toes, not permanent high heel feet. She wouldn’t snap in half from her too-tiny waist. Her hips exist and her boobs aren’t Pamela Anderson style. She not covered in make-up and you can even accessorize her with “flaws.” Moles, freckles, acne, tattoos and even cellulite– stickers will soon be available to accessorize your doll with real life imperfections, making the doll even more perfect for kids.

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Nickolay Lamm successfully raised over $500,000 this past year when he was originally only hoping for $50,000, to create this fashion doll with normal proportions. The dolls start at $25 each and all 19,000 of them are ready for shipping on Black Friday – just in time for the holidays. The accessories called Lammily Marks will be available come January, so kids will have to wait a little to add the stretch marks or scars to their new doll.

The creator was inspired from his own experiences to create Lammily. “I feel that current dolls on the market, their bodies are just so noticeably different from what we have. I’m not a psychologist but I remember there was a time in my life when I really cared about how I looked, it defined me, it was such a bad time. When I found what I was passionate about, all those bad feelings went away because I defined myself by what I did and who I was, and not what I looked like.”

Lamm brought to dolls to a group of second graders to see how they enjoyed playing with the “average” looking doll:

So if you think it’s “time to get real,” consider putting a Lammily doll under the tree this year.