This Is How NOT To Propose To Your Girlfriend

crane-marriage-proposal (Copy)

Source: Youtube

Potential marriage proposers everywhere, take note! If you’re thinking of doing something creative and dramatic when you’re asking your loved one to be bound to you for life, maybe think twice before pulling a stunt like this guy in the Netherlands. Chances are, if you have any semblance of common sense, you would never even entertain the thought of doing something as dumb as this. Unfortunately for his lady friend’s neighbors, this guy doesn’t seem to. What was the purpose of the crane? Why, to lower himself into his girlfriend’s garden, naturally. His romantic (?) proposal didn’t work out quite as he planned, as when the crane was lowering him into the garden, it tipped over and proceeded to crash through a neighbor’s house. Luckily the man escaped  with his life, but the neighbor’s house wasn’t quite so lucky.

Nobody was hurt, but the house may need to be demolished. The man who caused the destruction doesn’t seem to mind though. His girlfriend agreed to marry him so I guess she must be a fan of grand, dangerous gestures. They didn’t lose any sleep over the destruction either, afterwards they took off on a romantic trip to Paris.

For the love of all things holy, while planning on how you’re going to propose marriage to your loved one, always make sure to take into account  whether or not your stunt is going to cause the potential homelessness of your future fiance’s neighbors.