The Zombie Apocalypse Has Arrived – No, It’s Just Black Friday


Source: Mashable

According to Zombiepedia, a zombie apocalypse is defined as follows:

“a particular scenario of apocalyptic fiction that customarily has a science fiction/horror rationale. In a zombie apocalypse, a widespread rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization.”

Here is a photo of what a zombie apocalypse might look like:

Here’s Black Friday:

Zombie Apocalypse:

Black Friday:

You get the idea.

This American traditional falls on the day after Thanksgiving, and is known as the beginning of some serious Christmas shopping sprees. Most major retailers open extremely early (think the wee hours of the morning, like 3, 4 or 5 a.m.) and offer up their best promotional sales in order to attract a diverse range of customers. If you work in retail yourself, Black Friday is also known as the worst day of the year.

This American tradition seems to have made its way overseas, and has hit the UK, and hit it HARD.

Several broadcasts have been reporting severe injuries, threats and basically a whole lot of stuff about people going bat-shit-crazy.

From ITV:

“The Tesco Extra in Stretford was closed after fights broke out between shoppers. A woman suffered minor injuries after being hit by a falling television. The store closed just over half an hour after the sales started.

“Shortly after 1am, police were called to Tesco on Woodrow Way, Salford. One man was arrested on suspicion of assault after his conduct in store was challenged by staff. He threatened to ‘smash’ a staff member’s face in.”

You know, just your typical Friday.

So, if you want to avoid the madness, I guess staying home and shopping online or waiting until next week when the Christmas sales begin. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can “brave the storm” but be sure to pick up a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. 

To watch more people going absolutely insane for a bargain – watch the video below.