The Queen Name Drops “Game Of Thrones” In Her 2014 Christmas Message

In Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas broadcast, known commonly as “The Queen’s Speech”, she spoke of the 1914 Christmas truce (check out this year’s Sainsbury Christmas commercial for a quick reminder), and called for reconciliation and forgiveness, drawing on the Scottish referendum and Northern Ireland. While the 100 year anniversary of World War 1 and the Ebola crisis in West Africa were at the top of the Queen’s list, she still had time to name drop “Game of Thrones” much to viewers shock and delight. Says the Queen:

The benefits of reconciliation were clear to see when I visited Belfast in June. While my tour of the set of Game Of Thrones may have gained most attention, my visit to the Crumlin Road Gaol will remain vividly in my mind.

Yes, even The Queen is obsessed with GoT. Naturally, people of the world took to social media to express their joy at the revelation.

What a legend. To hear the Queen’s full 7.5 minutes of Christmas inspiration, click the video below: