The 2015 Grammy Nominations Are Just As Underwhelming As You’d Expect

2015 Grammy Nominations Announced Are you a fan of the modern day recycled, samey garbage that some people like to refer to as “popular music”? Congrats, the Grammy nominations cater to you perfectly. Not so much a fan? Well, what were you even expecting from these nominations?! Seriously, manage your expectations and join me in the corner as I weep for the state of music whilst listening to The Smiths. I’m kidding. Kind of. I’m not that much of a music scrooge. I occasionally like to tap my foot to an Iggy Azalea tune. I have unapologetically gotten down to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off on several occasions. I have never heard an Ariana Grande song and I would quite like to keep it that way, thank you very much. Still, I can’t help but roll my eyes at these nominations. Seriously, when will the Grammy’s just give over and rename the show “AWARDS FOR GENERIC ARTISTS WHO HAVE SOLD A ZILLION RECORDS IN CASE THEY NEEDED REMINDING OF JUST HOW POPULAR THEY ARE” and stop pretending that they actually recognize music that is genuinely innovative?

ariana-grande-grammys (Copy)

No offence, Ariana. I’m sure your changing someone’s musical landscape…

Enough rambling from me, here’s the, um, highlights from the nominations thus far: For you Beyonce fans out there, you’ll be ECSTATIC to learn that Queen Bey is now officially the most nominated female in Grammy history, with 47 total nominations under her belt. You go gurl! Personally, the only person I’m really rooting for is Hozier’s nomination in the Song Of The Year Category. It may be my Irish pride coming out, but Take Me To Church really is a genuinely powerful song about things that actually matter. Check it out below if you haven’t heard it yet! Are you excited about any of the 2015 Grammy nominations?