The 20 Hottest Celeb Moms In Hollywood

It’s been called the second shift and the toughest job out there. Yes, we are talking about motherhood, but not on the average scale of the American housewife. Oh no, these Hollywood moms are anything but normal. They have taken the world by storm and have made their mark in the most attention gaining way possible. Put simply: they are total bombshells. Yes, while the rest of us walk around with spit-up on our sweaters and diaper bags instead of purses, these Hollywood personas are showing off their cashmere and Prada with a side of adorable child.

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There is a reason we like to look at the lives of the other half–they give us ideas. And so when it comes to looking at the hottest moms in Hollywood, it is just another opportunity to see how these ladies have managed to balance a life in the public eye while building a family of their own. It is a full time gig. And so it isn’t surprising at all that so many Hollywood starlets fall out of the limelight to concentrate on their families after having children of their own. Yet, there are some Hollywood mommas who know how to stay a step ahead of the curve and make the best for themselves while raising their young ones. We pay homage to you, the industrious and attractive mother who has everything going for her. Here, we have a look at exactly what separates you from the rest of us. Here is a run-down of the top 20 hottest moms in Hollywood.

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