Say Goodbye To Stephen Colbert With The Help Of Every Celebrity Known To Man



Last night was a sad one for comedy lovers everywhere. It marked the last time we would see Stephen Colbert in his Colbert Report persona EVER. Okay, it probably won’t be ever ever, but while we’re all super excited to see him take the much sought after talk-show hosting reins from David Letterman, everyone knows that late night political satire will just never be the same.

Colbert was sent off with a silly, funny and charming bang. Celebrities of all backgrounds gathered together to sing We’ll Meet Again and it was hilarious. It would be a lie to say that it moved me ever so slightly and no, they’re not tears, I’ve just got something in my eye… Celebrities who made an appearance include Jon Stewart, James Franco, JJ Abrams, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gloria Steinem, THE COOKIE MONSTER, Henry Kissinger, Pussy Riot, Santa Claus and way to many others to possibly list here. Just watch the video and see yourself and say farewell to your favorite fictional political pundit.