Ryan Lochte and Teammates Reportedly Lied About Gunpoint Assault

Source: TMZ.com

American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte and three of his teammates apparently lied to Rio police about being robbed at gunpoint, according to Rio police.

The swimmers had claimed they were robbed and assaulted at gunpoint over the weekend by assailants posing as police officers, but according to Brazilian investigators, they fabricated part of the story, as reported by The New York Times.

Brazilian authorities sad that after watching video and hearing the witnesses’ testimony that what did happen during the incident was damage to a bathroom door at a gas station where the swimmers stopped at after leaving a party in the early hours Sunday.

According to TMZ, the gas station’s security guard rolled up with his gun and demanded the swimmers pay for the damage to the bathroom door. He did take money from them, but only to cover the expenses, and then released them.

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But this is not what Lochte and his teammates originally reported. Lochte had claimed that their taxi was pulled over by an assailant who then cocked a gun to his forehead before taking his money. And now Rio police say that the gas station manager claims the guard never even pulled the gun and merely asked them to pay, which they did.

The swimmers could now face prosecution for lying to Rio police. The police reportedly pulled two of the swimmers off their plane on Wednesday night and were told they had to remain in the country as the investigation continues. Lochte had already left Brazil.