Historical Photos they Refused to Show you in School

90. 1991: Death of an Iraqi Soldier

Kenneth Jarecke is a famous photographer who worked as the White House photographer in the Reagan years. He worked as a photographer in the first Gulf War and took this photo to highlight what exactly was happening. Travelling along the Iraqi-Kuwait highway in the hours leading up to the ceasefire that ended the war, Jarecke came across a truck that had been destroyed by the US. The picture is of the charred remains of an Iraqi soldier with clear agony on his face. As it was deemed too graphic, US media outlets refused to publish it. The Observer in the UK did however, and caused quite the controversy. Jarecke commented at the end of the photo “If I don’t photograph this, people like my mom will think the war is what they see on T.V.”

89. 1945: WWII Orphans

After the bombing campaigns on London during WWII, there were thousands of children orphaned in London and left to fend for themselves. This little boy was photographed in 1945, clutching a soft toy, in the rubble where his house used to be. Shot by Toni Frissell, he was one of the lucky survivors of WWII.

Source: historyinorbit.com