Giant Dolphin Superpod Swarms Little Fishing Boat

Hundreds of dolphins engaged in a feeding frenzy off the Coast of South Africa last week.

screen-shot-dolphins-2 (Copy)

Source: YouTube/Robbie Ragless

As Matt Sampson from The Weather Channel reports, Robbie Ragless was on a fishing boat with his friends when the friendly Flippers surrounded them in a giant dolphin superpod.

He and his buddies quickly took the opportunity to record the amazing phenomenon.

“They’re coming straight for us!” a voice is heard saying in the video.

screen-shot-dolphins (Copy)

Source: YouTube/Robbie Ragless

Experts say it’s common to see this many dolphins in the area (Robben Island, Cape Town) at this time of year, but that they are increasing in numbers.

Apparently they’re being drawn to the area by tones of bait fish like mackerel, sardines and squid.

Ocean conservation efforts might indeed just be working!