Ex-Wife of Oil Tycoon Harold Hamm Rejects $975 Million Check

The chief executive of the oil driller Continental Resources, Harold Hamm, and ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall  have been entangled in a nasty divorce battle for months. Hoping to end the proceedings once and for all, Hamm sent his ex a hefty little hand written check – to the tune of $975 million dollars – which was promptly rejected by Arnall and her legal team.

The check came after a divorce ruling back in November, in which an Oklahoma County judge suggested that this be the full amount owed to Ms. Arnall.

The news of Arnall’s refusal to accept the hand-written check affording her a large fortune, came from Michael Burrage, Hamm’s lawyer.

“Ms. Arnall, through her counsel, stated that they were rejecting the … payment because Ms. Arnall did not want to risk the dismissal of her appeal by acceptance of the benefits.”

Both parties have appealed the November divorce judgment, with Arnall stating that her roughly $1 billion payout will not suffice while Hamm holds onto the estimated $17 billion remaining of his fortune. Hamm on the other hand, believes that the $1 billion is far too steep a payout, after already awarding her over $20 million throughout the divorce proceedings.

Both appeals will be heard by the Oklahoma Supreme Court later this year.

Source: Business Insider