Say Cheese: 15 of the Best Celebrity Mugshots


Movie: Wedding Crashers Copyright: Tapestry Films, 2005 Distributed by: New Line Cinema

14. Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn had a run-in with the law when he was arrested 2001 in North Carolina. Vaughn was taken into custody while on location shooting his aptly titled film Domestic Disturbance after being involved in a barroom brawl. Vince, however, entered a no contest plea and the minor charge against him was dropped six months later.

If Vaughn looks a little worse for wear in these photos, keep in mind in addition to any beverages he may have had that night he was also maced during the scuffle. He’s the lucky one. Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg and fellow actor Steve Buscemi were also involved and Buscemi wound up being stabbed multiple times and was rushed to the hospital.

vince-vaughn-after (Copy)