Say Cheese: 15 of the Best Celebrity Mugshots


15. The Rolling Stones

Back in 1972, every member of The Rolling Stones ended up getting arrested for possession, obstruction and assaulting a photographer! They were taken to Warwick Police Station in Rhode Island to be prosecuted, resulting in these lovely shots of frontman Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards. The problem, however, was the Stones were set to play to a sold out crowd at the Boston Garden that night!

Fearing a riot, the Boston Mayor himself took the Stones into his custody and calmed a wild crowd down at the Garden until the band finally showed up via police escort in the early hours of the morning. They took the stage and put on one of the best concerts the city has ever seen! Thankfully the legends have calmed down a bit in their old age, but despite no more run-ins with the law they’re still rocking out!