RIP BRANGELINA: All The Tragic Details From The Split

, Angelina Jolie

As we are all now too tragically aware, the public entity known simply as “Brangelina” is lost to us forever. That’s right: Celebrity Power Couple 101 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have officially filed for divorce. It is still too early to pinpoint one exact reason as to what finally ripped apart what has widely been considered to be one of the richest, sexiest and happiest marriages in Tinsel Town and the world at large. But, lucky for us, there IS enough for us to wildly speculate and place extremely prejudiced and unfounded blame.


It would be best to hold on to something, a counter, desk or guard rail as you navigate your mourning souls through this slideshow that seeks a glimmer of truth in the torrent of tabloid gossip, leading us ever closer to understanding that which could have destroyed what we have all held so dear.