Hollywood’s 12 Worst (Best) Celebrity Showdowns


12. Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West

There’s really too much to even be able to say it all here, but odds are unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve watched this spat go down. It was a historic moment that occurred in 2009, one that sparked memes, gifs, and the infamous tagline “Ima let you finish.” This beef all began when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

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For a long time, the drama seemed to be water under the bridge with both parties seeming like they wanted to start fresh. Then, of course, Kanye’s song ‘Famous’ debuted and Taylor was not happy with a line about the possibility of her having sex with Mr. Kardashian. She continued to slam Kanye publically until Kim Kardashian revealed through Snapchat that Taylor had approved the line long before the song was produced!