Brad Pitt’s Private Plane Abuse Scandal: Explained

Brad Pitt
It seems as though the Brangelina divorce story has only gotten crazier every time we look down at our phones. When news of the divorce dropped two days ago, we felt blown away (and we certainly weren’t the only ones.) But today, more news is circulating about the incident that served as breaking point to Hollywood’s premiere power couple.

As we knew previously, Angelina’s statement regarding “the health of the family” led us to believe that Brad had been implied to be dangerous to the children in some way. Today’s shocking update reveals that there had been an incident on a private jet where Brad was belligerent and drunk.

Apparently, there was an argument between Brad and Angelina on the plane that escalated until one of the couple’s older children (rumor mill has Maddox as the primary suspect) stepped up and verbally defended Angelina. Brad seems to have taken this personally, and while sources say he “is emphatic that it did not reach the level of physical abuse, that no one was physically harmed,” it certainly does sound to have been a dramatic and intense affair.

Angelina Jolie

A flurry of news stations reported mixed signals as to whether law enforcement agencies are currently looking into Brad’s actions/the events in question. LAPD insists that they have no horse in the race, but the FBI has made a statement suggesting they are investigating whether steps should be taken.

Brad, in retaliation to the slew of allegations and defamation, has lawyered up with another prominent Hollywood divorce attorney, and seems to be doing everything in his power to combat the case. But the rising tension in this conflict certainly suggests that something more is going on here than previously reported.

There are many who believe that Angelina has been smart to take such an active control of the narrative, but her deft navigation of public relations is nothing new. Those of us familiar to the start of “Brangelina” remember the way the scandal of Brad’s divorce of Jennifer Aniston and subsequent hooking-up with Jolie was handled.


Whatever the truth, we know for certain that the next coming weeks and months will provide more glimmers into whatever truly happened in this situation, and what kind of people Brad and Angelina will be following the Fall of the House of Brangelina.