18 Times Donald Trump Flaunted His Insane Wealth

Source: cbc

Source: cbc.ca

From mainstream media to social media, Donald Trump is trending. His spur-of-the-moment statements and ‘unusual’ persona makes him tick all the boxes when it comes to controversy among the presidential candidates. Anyway besides politics, his looming nomination for the Republican Party always attracts attention for reasons that are not in the least bit subtle. However, statistics stand him in good stead…

Let’s see Trump from another and often overlooked when campaigning perspective, albeit a fascinating one. It’s about his cash, plus the several times he showed off his moneybags dating back to his pre-famous years. For a man whose wealth is about $8.7 billion, he’s synonymous with luxury. Here are the 18 times Donald Trump flaunted his ridiculous wealth. They’re sure to make you cringe.