15 Celebrities Who Are Not the Brightest Bulbs

15 Celebrities Who Are Dumber Than You Thought - 8. Mike Tyson - 2

Celebrities usually have a certain amount of influence over the public and their fans. They’re provided a crucial platform where they’re able to express their thoughts, opinions, and feelings.A number celebrities have done an incredible job with their fame, like running charities, donating money and speaking to kids in different schools. Nonetheless, not everything which comes out of the celebrity’s mouth is gold and in some scenarios, it can make them a laughing stock of all late night talk shows. For a few celebrities, it seems that regardless of how successful they’re in life, they may not be one of the sharpest knives in a drawer.

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They appear to demonstrate that they are not extremely bright. At times, they always throw out flat out say or questionable facts or even do things which make the public and their fans question their success.For some of these celebs, it might be helpful if they go back to school. Just to brush up on a number of subjects or in other scenarios, learn where Denmark is on a map. That might appear very harsh if it was not true. Nobody plans to make fun of any of these celebs for their lack of knowledge and great insights… okay, some individuals do, but this is simply to help out these wealthy characters who have a lot of cash. Without further ado, let’s look at 15 celebrities who are dumber than you thought.

15 Celebrities Who Are Dumber Than You Thought - 6. David Beckham - 2