15 Celebrities Who Can’t Stand Donald Trump

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Show: Late Show with David Letterman Copyright: Worldwide Pants, 1993

15. David Letterman

The genius who brought the world “Stupid Human Tricks” felt that Donald Trump was too low-brow for his show. After Trump had made casually racist remarks on a The Late Show concerning President Obama, Dave called Trump out for his bigotry and was later asked by Trump to offer him an apology. He later said of Trump while interviewing Dr. Phil on the Late Show, “It is all fun, it is all a circus, it is all a rodeo until it starts to smack of racism. And then it is no longer fun.”

Source: pinimg Show: Late Show with David Letterman Copyright: Worldwide Pants, 1993

The legendary late night host has said that he had made a big mistake in retiring when he did, and it is all because he can now not make fun of President Donald Trump. Letterman appeared at a comedy show with Martin Short and Steve Martin to provide an updated “Top 10” list all in honor of his distaste for Trump. Among the highlights is “During sex, Donald Trump calls out his own name.” It was great to see Letterman back in the public eye but did make us desperately miss him gracing our living rooms every night.