15 Celebrities Who Can’t Stand Donald Trump


Every four years, election season brings with it the onslaught of stupid ideas and gaffes — this time intensified by the presence of Donald Trump — as well as plenty of celebrities sharing their thoughts. All presidential candidates appreciate a magnificent endorsement, but Donald Trump seemed to receive more opposition than aid from well-known celebrities. Despite Trump’s victories over the other GOP hopefuls and eventual Presidential victory, his popularity nationwide is clearly not as strong as he hoped it would be.


When the campaigns started, several celebrities such as Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman liked Trump. Despite everything, the billionaire businessman has made a significant number of enemies along the way. Republican candidates such as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have not hidden their disdain for this man who embarrassed them on a national stage, despite any help they may have given him afterward. But politicians are not the only ones voicing their dislike for Trump. Here is a list of top celebrities who have come out openly and criticized him, voicing their strong hate for the man!