Calvin Harris Takes over Twitter with Rant on Ex Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ break up started off cool. No drama, no cheating, and it seemed like the pair were on pretty good terms to say the least. Calvin Harris actually sent out this tweet the day of:

calvin harris tweet (Copy)Source: Twitter

There was plenty of speculation about the breakup, but the couple never confirmed anything themselves. Some said it was due to Calvin’s jealousy over Taylor’s success in the same industry, others believed it was due to Taylor being more invested in the relationship and he broke up with her. A Swift insider noted that it may have had to do with Taylor’s outgoing personality being dampended by Calvin’s more introverted and private nature.

Then Calvin tweeted this beauty:

calvin harris tweet 1 (Copy)

Source: Twitter

Two weeks after the breakup, T-Swift was spotted with Loki/Future James Bond, Tom Hiddleston. People found it pretty hard to believe that Hiddleswift was a reality, but the photos don’t lie. Hiddleston also recently confirmed the relationshp himself. The pair have various pictures taken at a remote beach, on vacation in many countries across the world, and even an Instagram picture of them snuggled up on a lawnchair. Oh boy, if we were Calvin we’d be livid.

hiddleswift (Copy)Source: Daily Mail

Calvin and Rihanna’s hit “This Is What You Came For” gained rapid success. And it was revealed a few days ago that Taylor wrote the song when they were still in a relationship.

Some super keen fans noticed that she promoted the song and music video on her official, personal website, and her name was initially listed as a writer on the Wikipedia page. A close friend of Harris also mentioned her in a tweet about the song, which he deleted, and tweeted again without the mention. She was going under the pseudonym of Nils Sjoberg.

this is what you came for t swift (Copy)Source: celebitchy

Taylor also even wore a jacket with the “This Is What You Came For” music video logo, which you can’t deny was pretty cute.

Calvin took to Twitter to passive agressively rant about the situation, even calling Taylor out on her previous drama with Katy Perry.

calvin harris tweets 3 (Copy)

 Source: Twitter

Can’t help but give props to Calvin for sticking up for himself. He notes that Taylor also actually sings a little bit in “This Is What You Came For,” and compliments her raw talent. He’s upset that Taylor and her team were minimizing the role that he played in producing this hit, and manages to drive the point home with facts and avoiding getting emotional.

He ends off his rant “blessing” everyone and telling his Twitter followers to have a nice day. Well played, Calvin.

taylor and calvin (Copy)Source: The Daily Beast

Gif Queen aka Katy Perry responded to the tweet indirectly, with a gif of Hillary Clinton. Perry and Swift have had bad blood for a while, as there was an incident where backup dancers were stolen.

However, when Ryan Seacrest interviewed Harris, he completely dismisses the possibility of a collab with then-GF Taylor. It’s likely that Harris wanted to draw a boundary between his music career and romantic relationships due to his past experience with singer and ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora. Some speculate that Taylor and Calvin also broke up due to creative differences surrounding “This Is What You Came For.”

And here’s the best part: since Harris’ momentary stardom and take-over on Twitter, people have been spamming Swift’s Instagram photos with the snake emoji.

taylor-swift-instagramsSource: Instagram

Wow, Calvin fans really have it in for her. It’s highly unlikely that this is the end of the drama, and we have a feeling Taylor’s comeback is going to involve her squad, including Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevigne, and Karlie Kloss. We’ll wait it out.