Bring Back the ’90s with These DIY/Easy Costumes for Halloween 2016

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It’s already mid-October, and if you still don’t have a witty and clever costume idea in mind, it is time to get your priorities straight and decide on one. The good news is, thanks to the welcome return of the ‘90s, an easy, DIY ‘90s Halloween costume might just be the last-minute lifesaver you’ve been looking for. And when people wonder why you’re in the wrong decade at parties, you can use words like “throwback” and “homage” to justify your costume. We can’t all come up with elaborate and mind-blowing costume ideas, m’kay?

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However, if you’re incidentally obsessed with Halloween and the ’90s, this list of “inspirations” right here might be a treasure trove for you. Each costume idea on this list calls for a variety of unused items, clothing items you may already have, and the styling of them together in a particular way. In short, they’re fun, creative, and thrifty. Of course, needless to say, take the initiative to modify the costume of your choice according to your personal taste and style.

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