Breaking! Music Legend Prince Dead At 57!

2016 has been a tragic year for music and entertainment fans alike. With the deaths of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Glenn Frey of The Eagles to name but a few, the terrible news of another pop icon’s death has hit this morning.

Prince, aged only 57, was pronounced dead at his Minnesota estate earlier today. The star has been battling the flu (or at least flu like symptoms) for several weeks now but was thought to be making a strong recovery until he took a turn for the worst on Friday April 18th. His plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Illinois and he was subsequently hospitalized.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

After spending 3 hours in hospital the 7-time Grammy winner was released and thought to be doing well. Police were called to his Paisley Park estate just before 10 am this morning and confirmed that there had indeed been a fatality.

He had just finished 2 back-to-back, sold-out concerts in Atlanta’s Fox Theater on Thursday night and had played to his usual, exceptional standard. Fans were certainly not let down by his performance though they had no idea that it would be his last.

Prince 2

Source: Instagram

Prince, whose real name is Prince Rogers Nelson, has had a record breaking career in the music industry. Born in 1958, he started making music at the young age of 7! With 4 number 1 albums in the US, 100 million records sold world-wide, and a great respect from his peers, fans, and critics alike, Prince was an astounding figure in music.

He broke barriers during his 40 year career and became known for his trademark sound – deep synth funk groove that was unmistakably ‘Prince’. Though he progressed to a more ‘RnB’ feel during the 90’s and famously changed his stage name to an unpronounceable glyph which was a hybrid of the male and female symbols, he remained an incredible force in the music industry.

Prince 3

Source: Instagram

By the end of his career Prince had accrued an incredible 32 albums and countless awards for his musicianship and achievements. He toured tirelessly throughout his career and is certain to remain one of the most influential, recognizable, well-loved music stars of this generation – “a strong spirit transcends words”. RIP Prince.