Bill Cosby, Who Admitted To Drugging Victims, Has Been Arrested

Bill Cosby, famed for playing a stand-up, role model dad on the hit TV sitcom ‘The Cosby Show’, has today been arrested for aggravated sexual assault. The actor has been surrounded by rumors and accusations over the past months but has consistently denied any wrong doing.

He was originally accused of this crime in 2004 and subsequently, dozens of women have come forward to claim that they too have been drugged and raped by the now 78 year old. The media did not pay attention to these accusations until 2014 – when comedian Hannibal Buress called him a rapist during a stand up show and the video footage went viral.

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In 2005, Andrea Constand made accusations against him which were settled outside of court with an undisclosed lump sum. The details of the case have been sealed since, but days before the statute of limitations would come into effect this January, the case file was reopened and has revealed damning details about Cosby’s use of drugs on women he wished to have sexual relations with.

He claims that they were aware of the use of drugs, and that the sex was consensual, but the dozens of accusers who have come forward over the past year, claim otherwise. He admitted to giving some women Quaaludes – the effects of which include drowsiness, reduced heart rate, and reduced respiration abilities.

Constand’s case was reopened when the district attorney claimed that new evidence had come to light regarding the 2004 assault; other victims were re-interviewed, and other evidence was re-examined before they filed criminal charges.

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Cosby has subsequently been arrested and has had bail set at $1 million. At the height of his fame, Cosby was the highest paid entertainer in the world, $1 million may not keep him behind bars but regardless, the case will, after ten years, be tried.

While most of the other women’s cases are unfortunately outside of the statue of limitations, and therefore cannot be tried, this one case may bring a crushing end to a formerly beloved American actor and comedian.