Beyonce Fans Let Down By Her Super Lame Announcement

People are majorly disappointed by Beyonce’s “big news” Sunday night.

Good Morning America tweeted that the “Flawless” singer was going to make a live announcement Monday morning.

“Beyonce has something amazing she wants you to know,” it wrote.

So, being that the star is one of the most successful female singers of today, tons of fans woke up early to tune in.

What could it be? Are she and Jay Z expecting again? Is Destiny’s Child getting back together? Is she actually a cat, what is it?!

beyonce-vegan-announcement-1 (Copy)

What was anticipated as a huge and exciting announcement was in fact a huge letdown to Beyonce fans:

She’s vegan now and thinks you should be too.

That’s it. That was her announcement. So, naturally, people took to Twitter and Instagram to express their dissatisfaction at the eye rolling-inducing statement.

“I just wanna say I set my alarm for 6:55 to hear Beyonce talk about a diet. I am not happy,” writes Baby Thug.

Other people posted pictures of themselves looking extremely displeased at the news. Some fans flooded the singer’s Instagram with food emojis and all caps messages like SleeplessInFL who said,


beyonce-vegan-announcemnt-2 (Copy)

Well, I mean, really, it is super lame. Beyonce has been on the vegan train for a while now and claims that she has “struggled since a young age with diets.”

She told GMA that her skin is “really firm and a lot tighter” because of the vegan diet.  But even though she wants people to join her in her dairy- and meat-free eating habits, some fans just not going to.

“Never been on a diet and I don’t intend to. Beyonce can keep her lettuce,” says Siniki.

The next time you have a big announcement to make, Beyonce, let’s hope it’s not as yawn-worthy as this.