Best Uncle Ever Wears Princess Costume To The Movies With Niece


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Uncles of the world, listen up – it’s time to step up your game. Michigan actor, Jesse Nagy, was having a Princess Day with his niece Izzy when the four-year-old started getting cold feet about wearing her princess costume out of the house and to the movie theater. The solution? Why, for Nagy to don his own princess dress to wear to the movies, obviously.

Speaking to ABC News, Nagy said:

“She said, ‘You could be a princess too,’” Nagy told reporters. “We made the trade-off and I said, ‘OK, we can both be princesses,’ but she had to have the crown. I thought, Fair enough!”

When they got to the movie theater, an enthusiastic employee took a photo of the pretty pair. Of course, this photo was promptly posted to Reddit and promptly entered our lives.

First of all, props to Uncle Jesse for having a Princess Day with his niece. Second of all, how awesome is it that he just happened to have that dress lying around?


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There are already memes inspired by the event – a sure sign of new-found viral fame. Enjoy it while it lasts, Princess Jesse!


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Watch out Jesse Katsopolis, there’s a new Uncle Jesse in town!… Is what I would be saying if someone didn’t already beat me to it.


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