Are Solo Weddings About To Become All The Rage In Japan?

Source; Cerca Travel

Source: Cerca Travel

Have you ever dreamed of your perfect wedding, complete with gorgeous white dress and stunning photos, but without the hassle of the actual marriage part? Well, you’d better get yourself over to Japan’s Cerca Travel, which is totally cashing on this pretty specific desire.

The travel agency located in Kyoto offers all sorts of tours such as art and food ones, and also everything else you’d generally find offered at a travel agency. However, one unique thing they do have to offer is a “solo wedding trip” for the single gal who just hasn’t the time or the partner for a proper wedding. Solo wedding packages start at a paltry $2,645 per bride.

President Yukiko Inoue of Cerca Travel said she created the package to help make women feel good about themselves:

“Are you starting 2015 single and dreaming of your big day, but lacking the all-important ring or groom to get you there? Or is it the case that you simply dream of being dressed in a stunning traditional Japanese kimono but have never had the chance? … Cerca Travel is offering wannabe brides the chance to create the picture perfect Japanese wedding without the need to officially tie the knot.”

Source: Cerca Travel

Source: Cerca Travel

The package is two days long and includes dress consultation on the first day and getting all dolled up on the second, complete with getting photographed by a professional in the beautiful Japanese garden of Shugakuin Kirara Sanso. If you wish you can also hire a groom for the photos, or just to have dinner with the first night.

Roughly 30 women have availed of the wedding package since May of this year. It’s definitely an interesting concept, if only to allow yourself to experience a traditional event that may not necessarily fit in with some modern women’s lifestyle. However, with half of the women who have had  Cerca Travel solo wedding being already married (these women either didn’t have a wedding or were unsatisfied with the one they had) it remains to be seen whether or not this will become an empowering exercise for ladies who are proud and at ease with their singledom, or if they will just  end up serving as a means for acquiring some alternative, more polished wedding shots.

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