An Artist Made A Barbie Doll’s Face Look Exactly Like Jennifer Lawrence And It’s Awesome


Source: Facebook

Have you been lamenting over the lack of true to life Hunger Games themed dolls on the market to add to your extensive collection of dystopian teen fiction themed dolls? Well, lament no more! Sorry, I mean, lament no more if you happen to have a spare few thousand dollars handy to spend on a Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll. Should I have mentioned the price tag first? My bad.

Artist Noel Cruz seems to be rather adept at painting up a storm on Barbie dolls’ faces and making them look like real people, if his Facebook page is anything to go by. The Katniss Everdeen doll is no exception. Just take a look at this:


Source: Facebook

What a transformation. If I were a less perceptive person and for some reason thought Jennifer Lawrence was a teeny tiny person, I would totally mistake that doll for a real life woman. Cruz put the doll up for auction on Ebay and it sold for a cool $2,500 dollars. Oh, to have artistic talent. IF ONLY.


Source: Facebook