90s Stars That Time Forgot – Where Are They Now?


TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Copyright: Mutant Enemy Productions, 1997-2003 Distributed by: 20th Television

The 90s was such a great time, why else would everyone be so obsessed with it? When you’re on the internet you’re never far from a reference to things like 90s kids, Pokemon, troll dolls (90s toys were weird, man) , ALF and some of the most unforgettable sitcoms and sitcom stars ever. Do you remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Blossom? Moesha? How about Ally McBeal? Of course you do, how could you forget? What about MC Hammer and those crazy pants of his?

tls-90s-stars-that-time-forgot-where-are-they-now-intro-02TV Show: Beverly Hills, 90210 Copyright: Spelling Television, 1990-2000 Distributed by: Worldvision Enterprises

You definitely wouldn’t see a star like that these days! Have you ever what some of these actors and actresses of bygone days are up to now? Some have been long forgotten about, some are still on our TV screens, though many aren’t half as famous as they were in the 90s. Can you guess what your favorite 90s stars look like now?

tls-90s-stars-that-time-forgot-where-are-they-now-intro-03TV Show: Home Improvement Copyright: Wind Dancer Productions, 1991-1999 Distributed by: Buena Vista Television