20 Celebrities Who Completely Ruined Their Faces With Plastic Surgery


Movie: Dirty Dancing Copyright: Great American Films Limited Partnership, 1987 Distributed by: Vestron Pictures

20. Jennifer Grey

Some celebrities haven’t gone to the plastic surgeon for dozens of surgeries but have still found their appearance incredibly altered after just a single session under the knife. Jennifer Grey rose to stardom in the 1980s with her iconic role as Baby in “Dirty Dancing,” and one of her defining features was a nose that was a little larger-than-average. Her nose made her appear youthful and childlike, but her nose job would change that.


In fact, Grey looked like an entirely different person after her rhinoplasty, which removed the bump on her nose. After her surgery, Grey saw her movie roles dry up, and she wasn’t seen much on the silver screen with her new, smaller nose. It wasn’t until “Dancing with the Stars” invited her on as a contestant, and she won the competition, that the public would forgive her for changing her face into something so different.

Industry watchers suspect Jennifer has been getting additional plastic surgery procedures in recent years since her face has continued to evolve and look more pinched. Plastic surgery didn’t help her career the first time, so it’s anybody’s guess why she assumes it will help her career now.