20 Celebrities Who Completely Ruined Their Faces With Plastic Surgery


A celebrity’s best friend is often a plastic surgeon, and Hollywood has more than its fair share of doctors who will cut, tuck, and squeeze just about everything on an actor’s body. The pressure to remain beautiful and young in Hollywood is a constant concern for celebrities reaching a “certain” age, and that age seems to be dropping each year. Once movie stars didn’t want to turn 40, and now they’re getting Botox at 30.


For every celebrity who gets a discreet nose job, there’s another one who goes way too far and comes out of the doctor’s office looking like a space alien. Gigantically plumped-up lips, stretched eyebrows, and major facelifts turn our beloved celebrities into fake plastic dolls. It’s unfortunate that celebrities today feel the need to make monthly visits to a plastic surgeon because the changes often inspire jokes and jeers across the internet. The following 20 celebrities destroyed their looks with plastic surgery, and they’ll never look the same again.