You’ve Got To Check Out This Charcoal Soap

If you’re super old school when it comes to soap like Kahlana Barfield  from InStyle is, then you’ll love the penetrating charcoal bar from Biore. Not to dis liquid soaps, but this special bar of soap — which is made from all natural charcoal, hence its full on black color — is something else.


Source: Time Inc: InStyle

Why would you want to use a soap made of charcoal you ask? Well as Kahlana explains in the video, though it sounds counterintuitive, this charcoal soap actually lifts dirt and oil and helps to clear out all the impurities in your skin.

It also has jojoba beads, which help to gently exfoliate your skin and take away dry skin cells. And because it contains natural peppermint oil, it smells minty clean and leaves your skin feeling tingly fresh.


Source: Time Inc: InStyle

Though you might think this soap would cost you your next paycheck, don’t fret. It’s under ten bucks — $6.99 to be exact. But it’s guaranteed to last you a long time. So get out there and get yourself an amazing-smelling charcoal bar of soap — you might just become obsessed!