Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring is closing in on us and it’s fair to say that most of us find our wardrobes in a bit of a mess after the long, dark Winter. With coats, and scarves, and rain boots all cluttering up your space, it’s time to figure out what you need and what you don’t. It’s an overwhelming task at the best of times but we have a few simple tips for you to make the process that bit easier!

1. Make Some Decisions

Start by making piles: a donation pile, a giveaway pile (for friends and family) a dry clean/ tailoring pile, and an undecided pile. If you’re a hoarder like I am, you might find that year after year, you’re still stuck with some items that you just haven’t gotten around to wearing. Unless you can promise yourself you’ll wear it in the next week, it’s time to get rid of it! Sometimes it can be tough to get rid of things, but remember that if you give it to a charity or a friend that you know will love it, you can always have peace of mind knowing that it will be worn and cherished by someone new!

If there are some items that don’t fit, but you think they’re worth keeping, get them tailored. If you have a $30 jacket tailored to fit you, it can transform into a jacket worth $300. It’s worth investing in and it could end up being a piece that you never want to let go of!

2. Organize

When you’ve figured out what is going and what is staying with you, hang everything up and try to organize it by style or color. If you have all of your work clothes on on end of the rail, and all of your Spring dresses on the other, you’ll be able to navigate your wardrobe with so much more ease than before. If you have things folded, remember to fold them at the seam, or in the way that best suits the item and reduces creasing.

If you have loose belts and other accessories hanging around your wardrobe, buy an organizer. You can get special hangers to hang your belts or scarves in such a way that they’re together but easy to distinguish between! Keep necklaces on a specific hanger or out of your wardrobe altogether –  they can get tangled and even snag the clothes they get caught in.

3. Make Outfits

If you find that there are days that you have a top you are dying to wear but have nothing to match it with, you’re not being a savvy buyer. Sometimes, you need to employ a stylist or a wardrobe organizer. They will help you pick out the staples in your wardrobe and find you the items that you are missing. They can bring you shopping and keep you in check of only buying what you need!

Once you have your wardrobe in line, you’ll find that there are items you forgot you had and you can re-pair it with a new outfit, totally re-vamping it! Happy organizing!