What Is Your Skin Trying To Tell You?


Source: Thinkstock/ Piotr Marcinski

Your skin is amazing: it heals itself, it cools you down and warms you up, and it can let you know if there are underlying health issues that you might not be aware of otherwise. The best part of this amazing organ is that it is visible to us. So while there might be conditions happening within our bodies, our skin can let us know all about these before any symptoms show themselves! Take a look at some things your skin may be trying to tell you.

– You’re Not Sleeping Enough

Lack of sleep can be seen through a lot of things: yawning, breakouts, puffy eyelids, and lackluster skin! The recommended amount of sleep is around 8 hours of sleep every night. You’re skin will loose any brightness or energy that it has if you’re not sleeping enough, and even if you find that you are functioning perfectly well, try getting in an extra half an hour or hour and watch your skin improve in no time!

– You’re Gluten Intolerant

If you’ve ever broken out in a rash with no understanding of how, it could have been a signal of an allergen being present in your system. Tomato allergies tend to come out in hives, but gluten intolerance tends to come out through itchy, sore rashes. If you find that you are breaking out in these, you probably need to get to the doctor – you can try cutting out gluten for 2 weeks from your diet and see if it improves anything!

– You Have Thyroid Problems

If you start to notice a yellowish tinge to your skin, it could mean that you have too much beta-carotene in  your system. If you don’t have a diet that includes a lot of carrots or squash, you should get to your doctor. It could mean that you have a thyroid problem – most likely an under active thyroid. This condition can have a very negative effect on your body in general, so listen to what your skin is trying to tell you here!

– You’re Stressed Out

Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, it can cause hair loss, weight gain or loss, illness and premature aging. If you find that you have random but severe breakouts, it could be brought back to stress. When our bodies are stressed, we release the hormone cortisol. This can lead to some nasty breakouts. It might be a signal that you need to relax a bit more, get outside, or do some exercise. Any sort of activity that takes your mind away from the source of stress, you should try to do!

– You’re Dehydrated

Dry, flaky skin? You’re probably not getting enough water in every day! Now we don’t mean naturally dry skin; we mean uncomfortably tight, flaky skin. The dryer your skin is, the more prone you are to wrinkles. Also, if you’re skin is trying to tell you that you’re dehydrated it means that you’re hair will dry out, you will retain water, becoming bloated, and you will find your mouth and eyes drying out! So get your recommended 2 liters of water everyday!

– You Have Diabetes

There are several symptoms of type 2 diabetes, and these include issues with your skin! If you find small cuts are taking longer to heal than they might have before, it could be an indicator of diabetes. The high blood sugar levels in your body can cause nerve damage, making it harder to heal wounds. Another sign could be velvety plaque on your neck or armpits. If you notice these things you should definitely visit a doctor!