The Pink Tax Is Real: Women Pay More Than Men For The Exact Same Products

Thinkstock/Наталья Гаак

Thinkstock/Наталья Гаак

It’s probably something you vaguely noticed before, but never really thought about. Have you ever gone to the drugstore to buy something like say, a pack of razors, and noticed that for some reason there was a pretty big difference between the price of the pink ones you have been conditioned to gravitate towards and the manly male man-colored ones? A lot of people just shrug and accept it. Perhaps there’s a difference in the way they’re manufactured – maybe, just maybe delicate lady skin needs a different kind of razor to that of manly male skin that, as we all know, was designed to withstand the elements, conquer nations and fight bears and other manly things. That must be the case, right?!


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Nope, not so much. In case you never got the memo about sexism not being over, I hate to break it to you but… it isn’t. It really isn’t. And a huge indicator of this is the pink tax. If you’re not familiar with that term, the pink tax basically refers to gendered pricing. From insurance and pillows to haircuts and beauty products (don’t even get me started on the extortionate prices of feminine hygiene products – apparently dealing with your body’s natural functions is supposed to come with an extortionate price tag!) it is estimated that women could end up paying up to $100,000 more than men for equivalent products and services. Ah, sweet, sweet equality.

The inquisitive minds over at Buzzfeed decided to investigate the so called pink tax for themselves and compared products for men and women that are basically the same. The results are eye opening but, unfortunately, not exactly surprising:

1.) Deodorant

Not only is women’s deodorant more expensive, but for men’s stick deodorant to be equivalent to the price of a woman’s stick, it would be 1.6 sticks.

2.) Shaving Cream

If you were paying woman prices for a can of men’s shaving cream, it would be 1.2 cans.

3.) White T-Shirts

For the price of a woman’s T-Shirt you could buy 2.25 men’s tees… Did I mention that men’s shirts have more fabric? Equality y’all.

4.) Soap

This was one area where the women actually got to save a little bit.  FEMINISM HAS WON THE BATTLE OF BODILY CLEANLINESS.

5.)  Jeans

A pair of ladies denims equals 1.12 pairs of men’s.

6.) Moisturizer

Screw this. Next time I need to hydrate my face, I’m heading to the men’s aisle for 2.15 bottles of men’s lotion instead.

All in all, there’s never been a more apt time to weep about the gender wage gap. To watch the experiment in full, watch the video below!