Summer Makeup Trends for 2014 – Tips and Tricks for getting the HOTTEST looks


Summer is in full swing in 2014! Isn’t it time to heat up your daily looks by putting some of the hottest makeup trends of the season to work in your beauty regime? If you’re looking to spice up your style, here are tips for getting the top fifteen summer makeup trends of 2014!

15. The Orange Lip


Coral is classic, but the edgier orange is so in this season. Don’t be afraid to go neon with this one! Rocking an orange lip is generally easier when you use a chunky glide-on pencil. Remember that this pop is going to be a real highlight of your face, so downplay the eyes with neutral tones (though dramatic liner never goes amiss). Opt for bronzer instead of blush so that you don’t clash pink with the orange.

14. Blue Liner


From peacock to royal, blue eyeliner will give your lids edge and spice. The trend this season is to line all the way around the lid creating a “full cat-eye” look. This means that you’ll want to line the upper and lower waterline, then the lash-line. On the inner crease, create a slight point down towards your nose. On the outer corner, follow the lash-line up to create a slight point towards your brows.

13. Pastels


Powder pinks, daisy yellows, and baby blues… pastels on the eyes are simply what’s happening. Look for colors that are one shade darker than white and fill in the entire eye almost up to the brow bone. To create structure in the look, add a color a single shade darker than your base in the crease and outer corner. Line, mascara, and you’re good to go for a fresh-as-a-daisy look that will keep you scorching!

12. Healthy Bronze Skin


Bronzers are always in for summer, and 2014 is no exception. Get a healthy glow (but skip the sun) with an at-home self-tanner. Remember to exfoliate well before you apply the cream, and to test any product you have never before used on a swatch of skin that you can hide away from plain sight if things go poorly. Once you’ve created your base layer, bust out those bronze powders and blushes; summer is all about the golden glow!

11. Washout


A lovely summer edition of the classic smoky eye has been appearing on the runways: the one-color wash. Using a medium-toned hue in a pastel or nude shade, give your lids an even wash from lash-line to brow-bone. Line, add mascara, and you’re done for an easy on-the-go and totally hip look. Pair with a nude lip and a medium-tone blush for a down-played face that still adds a pop of visual interest to your everyday.

10. Liner and Lashes


This season’s timeless eye look can be achieved by focusing on two fundamental aspects of your face: your eyeliner and your eyelashes. Black eyeliner is a classic look that will never go out of style, and this summer it’s being worn to perfection. Line the upper and lower waterline, then add a flick the outer corner of your upper lash-line. Using mascara and an eyelash curler, ensure that you’re getting the most flirt for your bat. Don’t neglect those lower lashes for a wide-eyed and feminine look.

9. White Before Labor Day


The light-reflecting and almost translucent look that’s been gracing the runways this season can be achieved with creative application of an often-neglected color in your beauty regime: white! White liner on the water-line can make your eyes look much larger, and a pure white eyelid wash paired with a Hollywood red matte lip gives a contemporary twist on the classic starlet look that’s simply too hot to handle.

8. Brighten it Up


Much like a flower turning towards the sun, bright summer looks will make your features pop! Lilacs and peach-colors form a cooler palate while warm bronze colors will add contrast. To create the perfect blend, use cool tones on your brow area and warm tones for your lid and liner. A nude lip and golden-peach blush will complete the look for summer fun that goes from day to night with grace and ease; just like you.