Makeup Tricks for a Picture-Perfect Face

Thinkstock/Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Thinkstock/Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Not all of us are blessed with perfect genetics that create a picture-perfect face. Even those who are find that those natural good looks begin to fade with aging. However, there are some beauty tricks that can help balance facial features, hide facial imperfections, create an even and smooth complexion and help one look years younger. With the right make up and application, one can even achieve a natural make up look.

Preparing the Canvas

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Whether you choose a creamy foundation or powdery minerals, the face should be prepped for the best application. This includes washing the face with a facial scrub and using an under-make up moisturizer. It’s one of the beauty tricks that works magic. A good facial scrub will rid the upper dermis of dead skin cells, and moisturizing the face creates a smooth surface for the application of the foundation. Creamy foundation will effortlessly glide on for a complete matte look, and mineral powders stay in place with a smooth finish.

Choosing the Right Foundation

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For a natural make up look, the foundation color should be close to the regular skin color. Those with pale skin will look better with an ivory colored foundation, while those with darker skin tones look best with deeper shades like desert brown and bronze tan. Creamy foundations are ideal for those with older skin or dry skin. With medium to heavy coverage, the skin looks both smooth and soft. On the flip side, mineral powder foundations are better suited for those who are younger or have oily skin. Loose-powder foundations help control shine, cover flaws and are ideal for quick touch-ups.

Naturally Pink Lips and Thicker Lips

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For those who like to have makeup-free days, there are several beauty tricks for a natural make up look when it comes to lips . Beetroot and carrot juice will help give a natural lip stain and avoid that blank sheet of white paper look. Apply these at night before going to sleep. In the morning, you’ll awake with pink lips that last the whole day. Rubbing a slice of cucumber on the lips daily will brighten up the lips and help them look pinker also.

If you’re stuck with thin lips, the lip liner is your best friend. Use this makeup tool to outline and thicken the look of thin lips. Choose a lighter shade lipstick that blends with the color of the lip liner. These strategies create the illusion of thicker-looking lips. Another benefit is that the lip liner helps the lipstick color last longer.

Beauty Tricks to Make Those Eyes Pop

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There are several beauty tricks to make the eyes look beautiful, bold and big. Go with shimmer instead of matte. The sheen shades make the eyes reflect light and appear bigger. Before using a mascara, be sure to use an eyelash curler. Curled lashes always enhance the look of the eye. In addition, don’t forget to amp up the lower lashes. Just sweep the brush along the lower lash line for a complete look.