Liquid Facelift: One Botox/Juvederm Cocktail Coming Right Up!


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Liquid Facelift: One Botox/ Juvederm Cocktail Coming Up!

Ladies, ladies, listen up. Have I got some beauty news for you! Remember that crease I was always complaining about, the one between my eyes that always made me look so mad all the time? People thought I was the biggest B-word because of the look on my face All. The. Time. Well, I finally found the perfect combination of treatments to permanently smooth out all the wrinkles on my forehead, and crow’s feet, and smile lines… Are you ready for this? ? Botox injections in the forehead first to freeze those muscles and keep them from creasing again. Then Juvederm filler to fill in the lines. Girls, they are gone!

Treatment Regiment

Now my first treatments were a little more than two years ago. I had them every six months for two years. Now it’s been almost a year since my last treatment, and still NO CREASE! Each time I would go in for Dr. Wonderful to give me my injections, he would say “well that took less than last time, have a look!” and I looked, and he was right! With each treatment I needed less and less, and now it’s like the crease was never there! The Juvederm stimulates collagen, I knew that, but the hyaluronic acid is what treats the wrinkles from the inside out. And I am here to swear on the Beauty Bible, IT WORKS!


Now all I need is the Botox to keep those muscles from frowning and causing the crease again, and it is working great! These two products, when used together create the perfect forehead and keep those wrinkles from coming back by stimulating the body to naturally produce more collagen, and by keeping those frown muscles isolated so that the creases don’t come back. The manufacturers both say that these products are for “temporary treatment of lines and wrinkles” but after repeated use for two years I am telling you, that crease between my eyes in the glabella region of my forehead is absolutely gone and with no signs of coming back!

The Proof is in the Pictures

Here is a photo from 2011 before any treatments:
Liquid Facelift Before Picture
And here is a photo of me two and a half years later, after staying out of the sun, and doing microdermabrasion, Botox and Juvederm:
Liquid Facelift After Picture
I am so happy with my results I had to share them with the world. The injections are so quick and easy! Try it and post your before and after pictures! ‘Til Later, Ladies!

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