Kendall + Kylie’s Handbag Collection to Launch in Fall 2016

It’s been a few months since the annoucement the Kendall + Kylie collection will be expanding into handbags, but it was only recently that images of the handbag collection surfaced and we cannot contain our excitement. Although, we’re not going to lie. With Kylie’s lip kit and scandals, and Kendall’s heart stopping versatile looks on runaways and magazines, we may have possibly forgot about the handbag launch. But now the images are up. We. Cannot. Wait.

With their current clothing line offering pretty cutting edge pieces, our expectations for the handbags were high… and let’s just say they do not disappoint. The bags also range from $74 to $500, which is incredibly reasonable and there’s bound to be a few that fit everyone’s budget.

kendall and kylie 1 (Copy)Source: glamour

The bags seem to range from classic leather pieces to more alternative/edgy accessories. From what we’ve seen, they’ve stuck it to the primary fall colours: black, grey, maroon, brown, and the occasional blue/purple hue.

handbag 1 (Copy)Source: missbish

This classic leather backpack has a neat twist: the asymmetrical zipper. This bag could be easily paired with any outfit and is versatile enough to bring on a bike ride on the beach or out for drinks with a friend. It will also come in a taupe color, but the black details of the ziper and clasp remain consistent.

handbag 2 (Copy)Source: missbish

This beauty comes in white, black and maroon. The design is pretty unique on this one, so we’ve giving serious creds to the Jenner sisters. From afar, this bag looks pretty minimalistic and simple, but it’s got a surpring amount of detail upclose. And the fact it look’s pretty spacious puts it up high on our list.

handbag 3 (Copy)Source: missbish

This is probably #1 on the list for us. The blue colour is gorgeous, making it more of a statement piece and giving a pop of colour. But luckily, for those who are looking for more neutral shades, it does comes in pure black and a black and white combo. This one reminds us a little bit of Celine’s Mini Luggage Tote bag, and we know the Jenner sisters sport those, so perhaps that’s where they nabbed this awesome dsesign!

handbag 4 (Copy)Source: missbish

This brief-case inspired handbag looks promising as well. So far we’ve only seen it in this tri-colour mashup, and we’re kind of digging it.

wallet 1 (Copy)Source: missbish

This sleek, minimalistic wallet is what every girl needs. We’re particularly getting Kendall vibes from this piece, and it comes in grey as well as black so far. Although it wouldn’t be suprising if it’s eventually launched in a few more shades.

handbag accessory (Copy)

Source: fashionista

The girls have also incorporated these adorable furry purse accessories into their debut handbag line. They come in a range of colours and shapes… how can you not fall in love with them?

kendall and kylie 2 (Copy)Source: glamour

While the official Kendall + Kylie handbag collection launch isn’t until the Fall, there is a pre-release coming up soon.

Certain stores will begin carrying these starting in August, and Saks Fifth will next week. If you need to get your hands on one of these beauts ahead of time, the select retailers selling them in August include: Revolve, Shopbop, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus, and Holt Renfrew.